NECC Mysore Egg Rate Today

Mysore Egg Rate Today

Mysore Egg Price Today

  • ₹132/Tray
  • ₹440/100 Pieces

Mysuru is a very famous city in India. Earlier known as Mysore, it is one of the largest and the cleanest cities of India. Situated in the state of Karnataka, it is often known as the “city of palaces” and it is the home of Mysore palace.

Mysore name comes from Mahishuru, which means the “living place of Mahisha”. The city is located on the base of Chamundi hills, and is situated between Kaveri river and Kabini river.

The toatl population of Mysore is 1.26 million as per the the data of 2021. The residents of the city are referred to as Mysoreans, and many Mysoreans are involved with the trade of poultry products like chicken and eggs.

Since, egg price in Mysuru changes almost on daily basis, it becomes very important for the poultry traders in Mysuru to check Egg Rate Mysuru Today on daily basis.

NECC Egg Rate Today In Mysuru (Mysore Egg Price)

There are many factors that affect the egg price in Mysuru. These factors are well considered by the NECC before they finalize the prices for the city on the daily basis. NECC refers to National Egg Coordination Committee and it is a national agency to fix egg rates in India.

The table below gives you the date wise egg rate in Mysuru on daily basis. You can very easily check that the egg prices do not remain constant, as the impact of various affecting factors keeps on changing.

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DatePieceTray100 Pcs

Mysuru Egg Prices Today

The bar graph shown below shows the variation of egg prices in Mysuru with each date of March 2023. These prices have been taken from NECC, which is a national agency responsible for fixing egg prices in India.

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As per NECC, the egg rate today on 30th of March, 2023 is ₹4.40 per piece. It means a tray of 30 eggs will cost ₹132 and a box of 100 eggs will cost ₹440.

Mysore Egg Rate Today Prediction

Egg Price today is the price of an egg on a given date of a month. It is very important to track egg rate daily as NECC changes the prices of eggs almost on daily basis.

The home state of Mysuru, that is Karnataka is an egg supplier to various states like Maharashtra, and the state recently declared to make eggs part of mid day meal scheme in the state. Even though this step was not received well by various political parties, but the move has enhanced the local consumption of eggs in the state. 

This spike in local consumption, along with the increase in the cost of various inputs like feed and labor, have increased the cost of eggs in the state in general. The state is also exporting its eggs to various states and this exportation is also affecting the egg prices in Mysuru today.

As the summers are approaching, the egg exports as well as the local consumption are likely to fall and it is expected to bring down the prices a bit.

There are other factors like the pandemic, outbreak of any kind of avian flu, the festivities in India and the exportation to foreign countries like Malaysia, that also play an important role in determining the Mysore egg prices.

So, what will happen to the Today Mysore egg rates is dependent upon the interplay of various factors.

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