NECC Egg Rate Today Warangal

Warangal Egg Price Today

  • ₹117.6/Tray
  • ₹392/100 Pieces

Warangal Egg Price Today

Warangal is one of the famous cities in India. It is a part of Telangana state of India. This city was founded in 1163 AD by Kakatiya Dynasty. It is one of the eleven cities of India to be selected as a heritage city under HRIDAY Scheme of Government of India.

The earlier names of Warangal were Orugallu, Ekasila Nagaram and Omatikonda. It was also named as Sultanpur by Ghiyath-udin-Tughlaq.

Warangal is one of the rapidly growing cities of India. As per the census of 2011, its total population is about 704570. A significant portion of this population is involved with the trade of poultry items like chicken and egg, and the rest are its consumers. 

Since, egg price in Warangal changes almost on daily basis, it becomes very important for the poultry traders in Warangal to check Egg Rate Warangal Today on daily basis.

NECC Egg Rate Today In Warangal (Warangal Daily Egg Rate)

NECC changes egg rates in India almost on daily basis. The primary reasons behind this daily change is the increase in the cost of feed, exportation of eggs to foreign countries, increase in the cost of labor and seasonal variations.

In the table given below, we have given you egg prices date wise for this month. These egg rates have been taken from NECC, a nodal committee to fix egg prices in Warangal  and other parts of India. Check the table.

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DatePieceTray100 Pcs

Warangal Egg Prices Today

The bar graph below shows how egg rate (per tray) has changed in Warangal with each date in February and March. These egg rates are taken from NECC, that is the official agency to fix egg rates in India.

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As per NECC, the egg rate today on 30th of March, 2023 is ₹3.92 per piece. It means a tray of 30 eggs will cost ₹117.6 and a box of 100 eggs will cost ₹392.

Warangal Egg Rate Today Prediction

Egg Price today is the price of an egg on a given date of a month. It is very important to track egg rate daily as NECC changes the prices of eggs almost on daily basis.

Telangana state produces at least 3 crore eggs on daily basis and 55% of this number is consumed by the state itself. The average per capita consumption of eggs in the Telangana state is 120 eggs. By this average, Warangal city consumes around 2.5 Lakh eggs daily. 

The exports from Telangana to other states are continuously falling, because other states are incentivizing the poultry farming also. This falling export has led to the reduction in decrease of prices.

While on one hand, the prices are decreasing, the cost of the inputs like feed and labor is continuously increasing. In addition, theft of birds, spoilage and perishability of the eggs are also some issues confronting the farmers.

This in turn results into farmers incurring heavy losses.  

With the onset of the summer season, the prices are expected to plunge further. But, if the state finds some exporting avenues, the there are chances that egg price in Warangal will increase to some extent.

However, what will exactly happen to the rates remains to be seen, as there are other factors like outbreak of diseases etc, that also play an important part in determining the egg rate today Warangal.

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