NECC Egg rate today Mumbai

Mumbai Egg Price Today

  • ₹138/Tray
  • ₹460/100 Pieces


Mumbai, also known as Bombay is the capital of Maharashtra and the de-facto financial capital of India. It is the home of Bollywood, and is famous for Gate way of India, Taj mahal Palace hotel, Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus and Bandra-Worli sea link. 

Mumbai derives its name from Mumba or Maha-Amba, and this name comes from mumbadevi, the local diety of Koli community of Mumbai. A resident of Mumbai is called Mumbaiker. 

The population of Mumbai metropolis is around 20 million as per the census of 2011. It is the second most populous city in India and the 8th most populous city in world. It is a hub of trade and commerce in Maharashtra.

A huge section of the population of Mumbai is involved with the trade of poultry items like chicken and eggs. Since the egg rates keep on changing almost on daily basis, therefore these people always want to look for Mumbai Egg Rate Today, and if you are one among them, then you can check the rates below.

NECC Egg Rate Today In Mumbai (Mumbai Daily Egg Rate)

In the forthcoming section, you will get egg rate Mumbai on daily basis. Egg rate in Mumbai do not remain constant and change almost on daily basis. These rates are fixed by NECC on daily basis keeping in view the demand and supply of eggs.

In the table given below, we have given you egg prices date wise for this month. These egg rates have been taken from NECC, a nodal committee to fix egg prices in Mumbai and other parts of India. Check the table.

DatePieceTray100 Pcs

Mumbai Egg Prices Today

The bar graph below shows how egg rate (per tray) has changed in Mumbai with each date in February and March. These egg rates are taken from NECC, that is the official agency to fix egg rates in India.

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Mumbai Egg Rate Today

Egg rate today is the price of an egg on a given date of a month. It is very important to track egg rate daily as NECC changes the prices of eggs almost on daily basis.

There has been a continuous increase in the egg prices in Mumbai and other parts of India from last few months. The primary reason behind it is the general inflation and increase in the cost of the poultry feed and other necessary inputs.

In addition, it has been seen that egg consumption in India increases in the colder seasons, and this in general increases the NECC egg prices. Further the maintenance costs also increase during winters.

It was also seen that the eggs from Mumbai were diverted to Northern states of India in the winters of 2022-23, creating a shortage of eggs in Mumbai. This skyrocketed the egg rates in Mumbai.

Further the festive seasons like Christmas, new year and the diversion of Mumbai eggs to Tamil Nadu on occasion of Pongal also affected the price of eggs in Mumbai.

In addition, India has increased egg exports to countries like Malaysia, Oman and Qatar, and it has created a huge demand of eggs in India. It is also one of the determinants of the egg rate today.

As summer has started approaching, it is expected that the egg rate will fall down, as the consumption of eggs in general decreases in summers seasons. However, prolonged summers lead to increased egg prices, as heat shocks very often kill the birds.

Mumbai Egg Rate Today FAQs

Most frequent questions and answers

Which factors affect egg rate today in Mumbai?

Egg rates in Mumbai are affected by a large number of factors. They are seasonal variations, diversion of eggs to other states, input costs, transportation costs, egg exports and diseases in poultry chicken.

How many eggs are consumed in Maharashtra per day?

In Maharashtra, almost 2.25 crore eggs are consumed on daily basis. The state has a capacity to produce just 1.25 crore eggs daily, so it is relying heavily on egg imports from other states like Tamil Nadu and Punjab.

What is egg rate today in Mumbai?

The egg rate in Mumbai keeps on changing almost on daily basis. Today on 26th February, an egg costs INR 4.45 in Mumbai. A tray of eggs costs INR 133.5. 

Who fixes Mumbai Egg Rate today?

The egg rate in Mumbai is fixed by National Egg Coordination Committee (NECC). It is a nodal agency that changes egg prices in India almost on daily basis by taking the everyday demand and supply of eggs into consideration.

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