NECC Egg Rate Today Chennai

Chennai Egg Price Today

  • ₹139.5/Tray
  • ₹465/100 Pieces

Egg Price In Chennai

Chennai is a very famous city in India. It was earlier known as Madras and it is the capital city of Tamil Nadu state of India. It is a historical town that has been of vital importance to Britishers during their rule in India.

The Chennai city derives its name from the name of Damarla Mudirasa Chennappa Nayakudu, who was the father of a Nayak ruler named Damarla Venkatapathy Nayak.

Chennai is the 6th most populous city in India, and as per the census of 2011, its population is 4646732. Chennai is the 4th most populous urban agglomeration of India. A resident of Chennai is called Chennaite.

A good section of Chennaites are involved with the trade and commerce of poultry items like eggs and chicken. Since the rates of chicken and eggs changes almost on daily basis, therefore the egg rates have to be tracked on daily basis.

Owing to this reason, it is very important for the these people and traders to know the egg prices daily.

NECC Egg Rate Chennai (Chennai Egg Price)

In the following section, you will get Chennai egg rates on daily basis. Check the prices now.

DatePieceTray100 Pcs

Egg Rate Today Chennai

The bar graph below shows how egg rate (per tray) has changed in Chennai with each date in February and March. These egg rates are taken from NECC, that is the official agency to fix egg rates in India.

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Today Chennai Egg Rate Prediction

Chennai consumes around 80 Lakh eggs per day, and whenever the price of vegetables goes up, Chennaities switch to eggs. An interesting fact is that egg consumption in the city falls by around 15% in the Tamil month of Puratasi, when people switch to vegetarian life style.

In general the egg price in Chennai has seen a hike in the last few months. The primary reason behind this hike is the increase in the cost of feed and other inputs required in the poultry farming. Further the diversion of eggs to Northern states during winter also affected the egg rates in the Southern states. The egg prices touched INR 5.65 in January 2023.

The rate of eggs in Chennai has already started falling from its high, and now with the arrival of summers, it is expected that the rates will fall further. It is because the egg consumption decreases during summers, and egg diversion to the Northern states will also end.

However, if the summer prolongs, then the rates will increase because this situation leads to the death of birds very often. This death will decrease the supply and hence enhance the prices of poultry and egg.

So, this was all about Chennai Egg Rate today. We are sure that you must have got to know about the prices very well.

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