NECC Brahmapur Egg Rate Today

Brahmapur Egg Price Today

  • ₹126.3/Tray
  • ₹421/100 Pieces

Egg Price In Brahmapur

Brahmapur, also known as Berhampur is a very famous city in Odisha state of India. It is called the gate way to Southern Odisha. It is also known as Silk city owing to the silk Patta sarees made there.

Ganjam Kala Parishad and Prakasam Hall, which are among the oldest theatre halls in the country are situated in Brahmapur.

The city derives its name from the name of Lord Brahmeshwara, who is worshipped in a temple at Lathi, located around 5km away from the main town. It has both Odia as well as Telugu influence, as the city is located very near to Andhra.

The total population of Brahmapur city is 355823 as per the population of 2011. A significant portion of this population is involved with the trade and commerce of poultry items like chicken and eggs. These people are always looking for “Brahmapur Egg Rate Today”, as the egg prices in Brahmapur as well as other parts of India keep on changing almost on daily basis.

NECC Egg Rate Brahmapur (Brahmapur Egg Price Daily)

In the following section, you will get Brahmapur egg rates on daily basis. Check the prices now.

DatePieceTray100 Pcs

Egg Rate Today Brahmapur

The bar graph below shows how egg rate (per tray) has changed in Brahmapur with each date in February and March. These egg rates are taken from NECC, that is the official agency to fix egg rates in India.

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Today Brahmapur Egg Rate Prediction

Brahmapur city consumes almost 30 Lakh eggs on daily basis, but the consumption increases on occasion of festivals and winter season. In the entire Odsiha state, it is estimated that there is a consumption of at least 1 crore eggs daily, but the state is able to produce only about 75 lakh eggs on daily basis. This leads to an import of eggs from other states.

The rise in the cost of feed and other inputs has in general increased the NECC egg rates in Brahmapur. The winter season has also affected the egg prices as it has been seen that egg consumption increases in Northern states during winters. 

Since the state relies on imports for meeting its 25% of egg demands, so egg exports by Indian states to countries like Oman and Malaysia has also led to the increase in the egg prices there.

So, in future the rate of eggs on daily basis will depend upon the interplay of various factors like export of eggs to foreign countries, climate, occurrence of bird diseases etc. These rates are fixed by National Egg Coordination Committee (NECC) by considering the demand and supply of eggs across the length and breadth of India.

So, this was all about Brahmapur Egg Rate today. We are sure that you must have got to know about the prices very well.

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