Ajmer Egg Rate Today

Ajmer Egg Price Today

  • ₹120/Tray
  • ₹400/100 Pieces


Ajmer District is a very famous district in India. It lies in the state of Rajasthan, India. The district is named after a place called Ajmer, that is a religious site, visited by people of all faiths in India.

Ajmer is also known as the heart of Rajasthan, and it was founded by a ruler named as Ajayraja. Ajmer was earlier known as Ajaymeru, based upon the name of its founder.

Ajmer, being the heart of Rajasthan, is a very famous trade center in the state. A lot of people there are associated with the poultry business like eggs and chicken. They are always curious to know the egg rate in Ajmer on daily basis.

Today Ajmer Egg Rate NECC

In the forthcoming section, we will provide you NECC Ajmer daily egg rates. These egg rates are fixed by a committee known as National Egg Coordination Committee (NECC), and then implemented through out India and Ajmer.

Check the daily egg rate in Ajmer from the table given below;

DatePieceTray100 Pcs

Egg Rate Today Ajmer

The bar graph below shows how egg rate (per tray) has changed in Ajmer with each date in February and March. These egg rates are taken from NECC, that is the official agency to fix egg rates in India.

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Egg Prices Ajmer Prediction

Egg rates in Ajmer have not remained constant through out the last month. In future, they are also going to change, and it is expected that price is going to fall in the near future. The reasons behind the fall in prices are;

    1. the demand for eggs increases in winter. More and more people loving taking eggs in winter, which increases the demand and prices.
    2. The summer is about to arrive, and in this season the production of eggs increases and demand comparatively decreases. All this leads to a fall in egg rates.

However, nothing can be said for sure, as this industry is very fragile and if, god forbid, any kind of outbreak occurs, then egg prices are likely to soar.

So this was all about Ajmer Egg Rate Today. We are sure that you might have gotten egg price for today.

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