On this website, you will get to know about the egg rates prevalent today in India and its various parts like West Bengal, Barwala, Namakkal, Ajmer, Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore and Chennai.

Today Egg Rate | NECC Egg Price

Egg prices are changing daily. Owing to this reason it becomes necessary for all the persons who are involved with the poultry business to keep track of the egg rates on daily basis. These egg rates are fixed through out the country by NECC.

What Changes Egg Rate In India?

India is one of the largest (3rd) egg Egg producing countries in the world. It is the 17th largest egg exporter in the world.

Egg rates keep on changing every now and then. There are many reasons behind this fluctuations and they are listed below;

    1. The poultry birds are very vulnerable to diseases like Bird flu. These diseases kill lakhs of birds every month and it has a deep impact on the overall poultry industry.
    2. Fluctuations in the costs of the feed and other materials required at the poultry farms.
    3. Variations in the temperature and other climatic conditions in the length and breadth of India. Egg Rate Seasonal Indices show hike in the month of November and December, suggesting that the demand, and hence the rate of eggs increases during winter in India. In December 2022, inflation in egg prices was recorded at 6.91%.
    4. Generally with the onset of summer season, the demand for eggs in India falls, and it leads to the fall in egg rate in India. However, if the heat period prolongs, the birds usually die, and the supply of eggs falls. This fall leads to the increased rate of eggs in India.
    5. India is exporting its eggs to various countries like Oman, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Kuwait, and this directly enhances the demand of eggs in the market. It leads to the increase in egg rate in India. In 2020, eggs were the 629th most exported products in India.
    6. Pandemic also had a very huge negative impact on the egg rate in India.
Clearly, it is not a single factor that affects the egg rates in India. It is an interplay of all the above factors that decides the prices. 
In India, there is a committee called National Egg Coordination Committee (NECC), that decides the egg rates while taking all the above factors into consideration. It changes the prices almost on daily basis and it is from there that the concept of “NECC Egg Rate Today” takes birth.

Today National Egg Rate In India (Ande Ka Rate)

The egg rates existing today on 30-03-2023 in the various parts of India are given in the table below.

Zone Egg Rate Details

NECC Egg Rate In Namakkal

Namakkal is a very famous town in Tamil Nadu state of India. It is very often referred to as the “egg hub” and “egg city” of India. It is the largest exporter of table eggs in India.

There are a lot of factors determining Namakkal egg rate. They are the cost of feed and other inputs, exports to countries like Malaysia and Oman, exportation to other states and seasonal variations.

To check Namakkal egg prices daily, click here.

NECC Egg Rate In Hospet

Hospet is a very famous city in Karnataka state of India. It is very famous for Hampi site and Tungabhadra dam, and it is owing to these two sites, that Hospet attracts millions of visitors from different corners of world every year.

The home state of Hospet is an egg exporting state, and it recently planned to make eggs a part of mid day meal scheme running in the state schools. These factors along with the flu outbreaks, local consumption and seasonal changes determine the Hospet egg prices.

To check Hospet egg rate daily, click here.

NECC Egg Rate In Mumbai

Mumbai is a very famous city in India. It is often labelled as the financial capital of India, and it is also the home of Bollywood. With a population of around 20 million, it is the second most populous city in India. 

This huge population, along with diversion of eggs to Northern states during winter and variation in local consumption with seasons, are some of the factors determining egg prices in Mumbai.

To check NECC Mumbai egg rate daily, click here.

NECC Egg Rate In Raipur

Raipur is a very famous city in India and it is the capital city of Chattisgarh state of India. The city is named after its founder named Brahamdev Rai. It is also referred to as the rice bowl of India.

It being a home to 10,100,87 people, is a very heavy consumer of eggs. This local consumption, along with its variation with seasons, and increase in the cost of feed, determine the egg price in Raipur.

To check NECC Raipur egg rate daily, click here.

NECC Egg Rate In Varanasi

Varanasi is a very important Hindu pilgrimage site of India. It derives its name from two tributaries of Ganga named Varuna and Assi. Known also as Kashi, it attracts millions of pilgrims from the length and breadth of India.

People living in Varanasi are mostly vegan and do not consume too much poultry products. Varanasi imports most of its eggs from other states, and the egg rate in Varanasi is mostly dependent upon the conditions of the exporting state, and trends of local consumption.

To check NECC Varanasi egg Price daily, click here.

Who decides egg rates in India?

The egg rates in India are decided by National Egg Coordination Committee (NECC), which is an association of poultry farmers in India. It has played a very significant role in regulating and developing the poultry industry in India through various kinds of market interventions, price support operations, egg promotion campaigns, consumer education, market research and rural market development.

It changes the egg rates almost daily on the basis of the demand and supply of eggs.

What Is NECC?

The full form of NECC is National Egg Coordination Committee. It is not any government organization, but is a voluntary association of producers. It is not any cooperative society, but it works on the cooperative spirit and has more than 25000 members.

NECC was set up in 1982, and its slogan is “My Egg, My Price, My Life”. It was a brain child of Dr. B V Rao, who along with many like minded farmers formed it to regulate egg prices in India. 

NECC has helped poultry farmers in getting better prices, and it has also acted as a mouth piece of the poultry farmers in India. 

Egg Market In India

India is the second largest country in the world in terms of population. Its population is around 1.21 billion as per the census of 2011, and it is continuously increasing. Further, a huge section of this population consumes eggs on one or the other occasion. Owing, to this reason, egg industry is growing very rapidly in India.

The poultry industry in India is pegged at 1.2 Lakh Crore and it is estimated to grow by 5 to 8% this year. The number of eggs produced per year by the poultry industry in India is around 100 billion and the poultry meat produced exceeds 6 million metric tonne each year.

The revenue from egg industry is expected to touch USD 6.61bn in 2023, and in 2027 it will be about USD 10.61bn. Further more, the average volume per person in 2023 is expected to amount to 3.6kg.

The main causes behind the growth of egg market in India are increased local consumption and exports. India is expected to export at least 15 million eggs to Malaysia alone in February 2023, besides exporting to other middle east countries. It is currently the second largest exporter of fresh white egg in the world.

Revenue From Egg Industry

The bar graph shown below shows how revenue from egg industry in India has shown a continuous growth in the last few years.

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What NECC says about egg Consumption.

NECC suggests that every person should consume at least one egg per day, as it is the cheapest source of animal protein in the world. On occasion of World egg day celebrated on second Friday of October each year, NECC urged people to add eggs to their daily meals, as it is a good source of protein and omega 3 fatty acids. 

Brown Eggs vs White Eggs

Chicken eggs come in many colors and the main ones are Brown eggs and White eggs. Are these two eggs different just in color, or have they any nutritional differences also. 

It has been scientifically established that there is no difference in nutritional values between the two eggs. Even the taste of the two eggs is same, and it is just the color of the shell that is different between the two.

However, the brown eggs are usually sold at higher prices than the white eggs. The reason behind it is that brown eggs are usually larger in size than the white eggs. In addition, brown eggs are produced in lesser quantities than the white ones.

What Is World Egg Day

World Egg Day is celebrated on second Friday of October each year around the globe to raise awareness about the benefits of eggs and their nutritional value.

The decision to celebrate world egg day was taken by International Egg Commission (IEC) at its Vienna Conference in 1996. This commission was formed in 1964 to impart global presence to egg producers and help world know the value of eggs as a balanced diet. IEC acts as a representative of egg industry at global level.

The theme for World Egg Day 2022 was “Eggs For A Better Life”.

At national level, India celebrates National Egg Day on 3rd June each year. 

Today NECC Egg Rate In India FAQs

What Is NECC egg rate today in India?

Egg rate today in India varies with where you live. It is different for different places and it is changed almost on daily basis by NECC, keeping the mind the supply and demand of eggs in the Indian market.

What is egg rate today in Namakkal?

Egg rate in Namakkal on 25th February 2023 is INR 4.4 per piece. It means a tray of 30 eggs in Namakkal will cost 132 Rupees. This price changes almost on daily basis.

What is barwala egg rate today?

Necc egg rate for Barwala on 25th February 2023 is INR 3.78 per piece. It means a box of 100 eggs will cost INR 378 in Barwala?

What is NECC?

NECC stands for National Egg Coordination Committee. It is a nodal agency for fixing egg prices in India keeping while taking the demand and supply of eggs into consideration.

Are brown eggs healthier than white eggs?

It has been scientifically established that Brown eggs are not healthier than the white eggs. They do not differ in nutritional value and taste, and they differ only in the color of their shells.

How much protein is there in one egg?

There are around 6 gram of protein in an average sized egg. In addition, eggs also contain some quantities of Vitamin A, Iron, Potassium and Sodium.

Necc Egg Rate For allahabad is?

NECC egg price for Allahabad on 25th February 2023 is INR 4.33 per egg. It means that a tray of 30 eggs will cost 129.9 INR in Allahabad.

Which town is called egg city in India?

Namakkal, a town in Tamil Nadu is known as Egg city in India. It is also called egg hub and poultry town of India.


This is not the official National Egg Coordination Committee (NECC) website. This website just gets the daily egg rates from NECC website and posts them here in a well organized manner. These egg rates are published for the benefit of those who are involved with the trade of various kinds of eggs across the length and breadth of India. We do not endorse any compliance to these rates.

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